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Oude Geuze 3 Fonteinen Blend 36 2019 75cl

GU3F00020 Oude Geuze 3 Fonteinen Blend 36 2019  75cl

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When you enter the complex universe of craft gueuzes, Drie Fonteinen might be the brewery currently arounsing most beer enthusiasts. 

The Oude Gueuze is made from a blend of three Lambic, one aged in one year in an oak cask, the second two years, and the third three years.
This Belgian beer pours in the glass an orange robe topped by a very thin head.

 It challenges the nose with exceptional aromas between wooden notes, aromas of apple and lemon, the complexicity of them is remarkable! This Gueuze features in the mouth an unexpected and pleasant acidity that perfectly goes along the flavors of apple and lemon like for the aromas.

This Gueuze, you got it, is exceptional.

Like for most of craft gueuzes, you can let it age in your cellar in order to decrease the acidity and develop the truly amazing fruity flavors.

Alcohol: 7%


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